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Homemade chocolate recipe with milk powder

DIY Nesquick - DIY Powder Chocolate Milk Mix- Cheap & Takes a Minute To Make | craftycookingmama.comDid you ever go into your cupboard or fridge, excited to grab a snack or a drink, only to find that it’s not there. Gone. Happens often in my household, and probably in most of yours too. I’m pretty sure my daughter probably mentioned to me a few weeks ago that we were out of Nes-Quick. More then likely I went to the grocery store, didn’t like the price of it, and decided to wait until I found a sale on it. Then it got forgotten. Usually someone else would eventually complain, reminding me to pick some up, but this time I was the one craving chocolate milk.

So I got to thinking – how hard can it really be to make Chocolate Milk Mix? Anyone with taste buds can guess that cocoa powder and sugar are the main ingredients – ingredients that most of us have readily have on hand. So I started searching on the greatest DIY resource ever – Pinterest.

Turns out, it’s all real simple. Mix together sugar, cocoa powder and a pinch of salt. I kept it beyond simple and threw everything together in a mini food processor and gave it a whirl for a minute or two. Mixing cocoa powder is far more pleasant when you’re not inhaling lungfuls of cocoa powder dust.

Copycat Nesquick - DIY Powdered Chocolate Milk Mix - Just Cocoa Powder, Sugar and Salt - Cheap and Takes a Minute to Make | craftycookingmama.comIt certainly looks and smells like your average chocolate milk mix. As for taste – it’s spot on. Here’s the thing though, you can’t mix this “as is”. Of course I originally ignored that advice and tried it anyway. I ended up with a lot of gritty sugary cocoa floating on top of your chocolate milk that just wouldn’t mix in. No worries though, innovative pinners and bloggers before us have already found a solution to this. Start your glass off with a bit of warm water and mix in the chocolate milk mix – this dissolves all the sugar crystals. Now add your milk, stir and enjoy.

I love this DIY Chocolate Milk Mix. It takes a minute to make with ingredients I always have on hand and it’s way cheaper than buying the prepackaged stuff. Plus, I always feel better making this kind of stuff myself – I get to leave out all the unnecessary additives. This is definitely something all you chocolate milk enthusiasts need to try! Give it a try, I ‘d love to hear how it turns out!


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How to Make Homemade Chocolate Milk.

Homemade chocolate milk is an inexpensive alternative to regular milk. Learn how to make your own chocolate milk at home with these steps.

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