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Snow ice cream recipe sweetened condensed milk

How to Make Snow Ice Cream | The Suburban Soapbox #snow #icecream #howto“Snow” much fun to make, this Snow Ice Cream will definitely be a hit with the kids on your next snow day. Just three ingredients mixed together in a big bowl and you have a homemade sweet treat in minutes.

Got snow? We do. Just a few inches so I’m not completely wigged out quite yet. And unlike last year, I don’t see snow on the forecast in the next several days. This is the kind of snow I like. Not Polar Vortex snow that doesn’t stop until April. I think I already had an advanced stage of cabin fever this time last year. That was a little insane, someone in Mother Nature’s family really didn’t like this part of the county. Kinda like New York this year….I think they had 9 feet of snow or something similarly silly a couple months ago. Just a little annoyance.

This year I devised a list of everything we were going to do with the snow. It’s long. I wish I had this list last year, it would have saved my sanity a little bit…until I finished said list and had to start all over again. I don’t see that happening this year, this being our first snow this winter and it doesn’t look as if we’re getting much more. At least this week. I have a feeling I’m going to be eating my words soon.

So, to combat boredom yesterday, I whipped out the list. Number 1, blow ice bubbles. We skipped it. I didn’t think it was cold enough to be honest and I think I remember doing this a few years ago and it didn’t work. We will get back to that later. (Plus, the bubbles I had were blue…the Crayola Color Magic…and the mess, I just can’t deal.) Number 2, Snow Ice Cream. “Snow” much fun!

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