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Recipe for milk pie

Cereal-Milk-Coconut-PieMomofuku’s Christina Tosi’s Cereal Milk creations are legendary. It’s to the point where they sell the prepared Cereal Milk in pint bottles so you can feed that itch on-the-go. As I was drinking the remaining milk from a bowl of cornflakes I wondered, “Why not Cereal Milk Pie? And why not add some coconut into the mix?”

Cereal Milk Coconut Pie - sliceI’ve always found traditional coconut cream pies kind of frustrating. You either get the flavor by adding “flavor”—that’s a no for me—or you add flaky coconut to the creamy filling, which is kind of a textural oxymoron and not always pleasant for some people. Or you do what I usually do and use a healthy portion of either coconut milk or coconut milk powder together with the milk. It’s delicious but the texture changes and becomes a little more viscous than creamy.

I looked up Christina’s recipe for Cereal Milk. She calls for toasting the cornflakes before soaking to increase caramelization. I figured that could work for the coconut, too, so I lightly toasted some coconut. Good Pie.

Cereal Milk Cream Pie with Coconut

Cream Pie made with Milk-flavored with toasted cornflakes and coconut


Cereal Milk

  • 100gms – unsweetened flaked coconut
  • 100gms – cornflakes
  • 1qt – whole milk, yields approx. 2 1/2 cups Cereal Milk after soaking


  • 1/4 cup – brown sugar, firmly packed
  • 2 tbsp – sugar
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 1/4 cup – cornstarch
  • 1/2 tsp – kosher salt
  • 2 1/2 cups – cereal milk (see recipe above)
  • 1/2 cup – half & half or coconut milk (your choice)

Assembling the Pie

  • 1 pint – heavy or whipping cream
  • 2 tbsp – sugar (optional)
  • 1 - baked pie shell (crumb, traditional or coconut)
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What can i use in place of sweetened condensed milk in a recipe?

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