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Curd cream with condensed milk

Condensed milk recipes are very popular because both adults and children love them. Traditional condensed milk is obtained from fresh whole or skim milk. Today, you can find several types of condensed milk on sale: whole with sugar, skim with sugar, sterilized without sugar, and whole with sugar, cocoa or coffee.

There are a lot of recipes with condensed milk, mainly desserts. You can also replace regular milk with it. So, for example, instead of milk and sugar, you can add a couple of spoons of condensed milk to black coffee. From this product, you can quickly prepare many recipes for a delicious cream for cake or pastries, serve it with pancakes or homemade cookies.

We offer to cook a delicious and healthy cream of cottage cheese, butter and condensed milk. This cream is perfect for sandwiching biscuit cakes, lubricating rolls and filling éclairs. The cream contains a large amount of cottage cheese, so it is not only tasty, but also healthy. If desired, you can flavor this basic cream with lemon or orange zest, vanilla sugar, mint syrup or other favorite flavors. Remember that cottage cheese is a perishable product, so be sure to keep products with this cream in the refrigerator before serving.

Prepare the necessary dishes, turn on bbc radio 2 and get to work!

For work, we need butter, condensed milk, sour cream of 30% fat, cottage cheese (tasty, not dry and not sour).

In a bowl of a food processor, combine cottage cheese (400 g) and sour cream (200 g). Grind to a creamy state. Add the condensed milk (10 tablespoons) and grind again.

Whip butter (200 g) at room temperature in a lush mass. Add the curd mass in parts, constantly whipping.

The cream is ready to be filled in your cakes. It is so nice to work with your favorite radio 2! Bon appetite!

Photo by Matthew Henry from StockSnap

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