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Recipe of egg Pudding with milk

Simple Pudding With Just 1 Egg, Milk, and SugarYou can make two 100 ml cups of pudding with just 1 egg, milk, and sugar. Use the leftover heat from your pot to make it creamy!

Ingredients: makes two 100 ml containers



125 ml


Sugar (brown sugar also OK)

1 tablespoon



2 teaspoons


1 teaspoon

Story Behind this Recipe

I love the Marlowe custard pudding shop in Hayama. If you return the cups, you get your deposit back, but I like keeping 4 or 5 at home. I use them in cooking or as cups, and of course they're great for making custard pudding. With just 1 egg you can make 2 half-cups of custard pudding, which is great!

Helpful Hints

The best time to stop heating is when the top is jiggly.
If you've left the puddling mix out at room temperature, for the second pass of heating try shortening the time by 3 to 5 minutes.

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