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Easy dessert Recipes with evaporated milk

coconut ladoo

How to make coconut ladoo with condensed milk?

Coconut ladoo is an easy and quick dessert. Coconut ladoo is made by two methods. A traditional way of cooking coconut ladoo is by roasting the coconut in ghee and cook with the milk until it becomes thick. This method takes a long time and effort to cook. The second method is by making coconut ladoo with condensed milk. This method is easy and simple to make in 15 minutes. Condensed milk takes only 10 minutes to become thick, so you can make this dessert quickly.

Smart Cooking Tips:

1. If you are using frozen shredded coconut, make sure to thaw it thoroughly before start cooking. You can also use grated coconut in this recipe.

2. You can also roast the coconut with a little amount of ghee until the color changes slightly into golden brown for a strong coconut flavor and mild ghee flavor.

3. Keep on stirring the shredded coconut and condensed milk together when cooking to avoid getting burned. Because condensed milk tends get burn and stick to the bottom of a pan quickly.

coconut laddoo4. You can decorate the coconut ladoo with sliced almonds or roll them in the powdered nuts of your choice. You can also add chopped nuts and raisins in this ladoo.

5. Crush the cardamoms roughly, you can also use store bought cardamom powder in this recipe, but freshly crushed cardamom gives a nice aroma and flavor to the ladoo.

A quick dessert for the parties:

Coconut ladoo with condensed milk is an excellent dessert recipe for parties and potlucks. You can make coconut ladoo a day before the party and store it in a refrigerator. You can serve the coconut laddoo cold because it tastes good even when it is cold also. If your guests surprised you suddenly, you can make this coconut ladoo in few minutes. Also, if you are running out of time to make treats for your family in special occasions, you can make this coconut laddoo easily in a jiffy. It is a soft and delicious dessert even kids would also love this sweet.coconut ladoo with condensed milk My little son Aldrich loves this coconut ladoo and he finishes two to three ladoos in a minute.

How to serve coconut ladoo?

Serve coconut ladoo warm or cold.

Serves 8 Persons
Cooking Time 0:13 Hours
Preparation Time 0:02 Hours
Calories per serving 234.26
Total Time 0:15 Hours

Ingredients for 8 servings

Ingredient Name Qty








Cooking Direction

  1. Heat a pan in medium flame, add shredded coconut, condensed milk and mix well.
  2. Cook until the shredded coconut and condensed milk mixture becomes thick (first the mixture will become thin and then it starts to solidify). Add crushed cardamom and mix well. Remove the pan from heat and allow it to cool.
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