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Dessert Recipes with evaporated milk

Some recipes call for raw egg yolks to be added, while some allow for a cooking of the eggs into a kind of base custard. Some people will say that coquito with eggs actually isn't real coquito, but actually another drink called "ponche, " and some people will say the exact opposite. There are people who will break down a coconut and grate it by hand the old fashioned way, patiently squeezing out the fresh coconut milk. And then there are people who will open up a few cans, whisk it all together, and call it a day.

Purists will debate long and hard and loud (especially after a few glasses) about what makes a "real" coquito, but to be honest...I confess that doesn't interest me! Everyone has their own idea about what makes the drink special, and that to me, is part of why it's so wonderful. At the end of the day, it's really hard to go wrong when coconut, sugar, and rum come together.

My personal adaptation, which I share with you below, was designed for ease.
coquito recipe
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