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Eggs milk Pudding Indian recipe

eggless caramel bread pudding recipeI remember I ate pudding for the first time in a wedding feast, when I was studying in my lower primary. Of course it was an Indianized version and mostly puddings will be pineapple puddings those days. One of my uncles used to make fun by adding pudding to each and every thing we eat. But truly speaking I had no idea about puddings. Now though blogging world, I am now very happy to try a pudding recipe on my own and that too with my favourite caramel flavour!
I love caramel flavour for no reasons from my childhood. The Nutrine caramello was my favourite toffee then, among all the toffees from nutrine my dad used to buy for us. Other than that, till date I love 5 star like anything. It tastes out-of-the-world for me, may be the chewy texture is what I like along with its flavour. And coming to this pudding recipe, I bookmarked this from Tasty Treats few months back.eggless caramel bread pudding recipe At last I made this and loved it a lot. Simple ingredients and exotic pudding recipe .

You can enjoy it cold as such or you can drizzle some caramel /butterscotch syrup as I did. I used Hershey’s store bought syrup . You can also serve it with Vanilla ice cream along with it.
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