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Condensed milk Fudge recipe UK

2 Ingredient 5 minute quick and easy fudge recipe - 1 recipe - endless flavour combinationsIf you’re here looking for my usual healthy food ideas, then look away now! Today’s 2 ingredient chocolate fudge recipe is most definitely not healthy, but we all need a treat now and again and this fudge is seriously delicious, looks gorgeous and most important of all, is incredibly easy to make! It’s so simple that my 6 year old could make it, so this fudge is a really great homemade gift idea that children could easily make for teachers, friends or relatives, at Christmas or indeed throughout the year. I make batch after batch of this every year for my family and friends at Christmas, and it never fails to impress, so I thought it was about time I shared the recipe.

I’ve also recently updated this post with a video tutorial, so you can see how quick and easy to make it really is! Check out the video further down the post, and don’t forget to pop over and subscribe to the Eats Amazing YouTube Channel for more video recipes and fun food tutorials!

The great thing about this recipe is that it can be customised to make endless varieties and flavours, so it never gets dull.Super simple 2 ingredient fudge recipe from Eats Amazing UK - so quick and easy to make You just take the basic recipe and mix in extras or add tasty toppings for a different fudge to suit every taste! It’s also incredibly quick to make – I made 3 batches in one go last week, creating 6 different flavours, and the whole process took me about 15 minutes from start to finish! You can literally have a large slab of fudge setting in the fridge 5 minutes from starting making it – it doesn’t get much quicker than that!

2 Ingredient Chocolate Fudge

Ingredients (fills 1 tray – approx. 6 small slabs)

1 400g tin condensed milk
500g Dark Chocolate
500g Milk Chocolate
600g White Chocolate

(Optional extras): Toppings of your choice*


Line a small rectangular baking tray or cake tin with baking parchment. If you don’t have any, tin foil also works.

2 Ingredient 5 minute fudge recipe - easy recipe for children to make - fab Christmas present ideaBreak or chop the chocolate of your choice into pieces and place in a large microwavable bowl. Pour over the condensed milk and mix together well.

Pop the bowl into the microwave and heat in short bursts of around 30 seconds, taking it out and stirring in between, until the chocolate has almost melted. Be careful not to overheat.

Once the chocolate is melted, beat well with a wooden spoon until it all comes together smoothly. If you would like to mix anything into the fudge, throw it in at this point and stir to mix in.

Tip into the tin and spread around so it is in an even layer in the tin. Use a palette knife or spatula to smooth the top down. If using toppings, add at this point, pushing them into the fudge quickly before it sets.

Pop the tray of fudge into the fridge and leave to set. Once it has set hard, take it out and cut into pieces. I like to cut mine into 6 mini slabs, scoring lines into the top and packing in cellophane bags to give as gifts.

2 Ingredient 5 minute super simple fudge recipe from Eats Amazing UK - with loads of different flavour combination ideas*Suggested topping or flavourings to mix in:

Vanilla Essence: a tsp of vanilla essence gives some lovely extra flavour and is particularly good in the dark chocolate fudge – mix in before beating.

Dried fruit: Cranberries are lovely at Christmas, or try raisins, blueberries, cherries, freeze dried strawberries (gorgeous in the white chocolate fudge), dried banana chips or a mix of whatever you have in the cupboard. I used a great ‘berries and cherries’ mix to top some of my dark chocolate fudge this time.

Nuts: Chopped or whole nuts work well – mix in or use to top the fudge (or do both!). Walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, macadamias or flaked almonds all work well.

Chopped or smashed candy cane: I popped a couple of candy canes into a plastic bag and crushed them with a rolling pin to top the other half of my dark chocolate fudge – but it this would work well with all three kinds of chocolate.

Marshmallows: Mix big marshmallows into the fudge or use mini marshmallows to top – there are some really fun seasonal shaped marshmallows around at this time of year that you could use to top the fudge too.

Chunks of contrasting chocolate: mix chunks of milk chocolate into white chocolate fudge or vice versa or press pieces of chocolate into the top. I added milky way magic stars to the top of my white chocolate fudge, but buttons, jazzies, maltesers, smarties or chocolate chips would also work well.

Swirled double chocolate fudge: make up two batches of contrasting fudge (e.g. white chocolate at milk chocolate) and swirl them together in the tin. If you only want one batch, halve the recipe and put half of a tin of condensed milk in each bowl of chocolate.

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