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Recipes using evaporated milk UK

milk jelly like your nan used to makeI used to love going to my Nan’s house when I was little, she always used to make us a party tea and serve it in style using her little hostess trolley. We used to have the same thing every week – crustless ham sandwiches, Fondant Fancies, two fingered KitKats, Tunnocks teacakes and her special milk jelly all served with Lowcocks lemonade and if I was lucky and we finished the bottle, I was allowed to take it back to the shop to get the 10p back…. Happy days

I thought I’d try making my own version of milk jelly last week for the kids and it tasted lovely and brought back some lovely memories of my Nan’s afternoon teas. It’s really easy to make milk jelly and it sets a lot quicker than normal jelly so you don’t have an afternoon of impatient children repeatedly asking if it’s ready yet (or is that just my two?)

How to make Milk Jelly

Break the jelly into cubes into a measuring jug and pour in boiling water up to the 1/4 pint level. You then need to spend ages stirring the water until the cubes have melted or you could just cheat and pop the jug in the microwave for 30 seconds – guess which is my preferred method?

When all the cubes have dissolved into the water, I usually let it cool for ten minutes or so before slowly adding the milk up to the 1 pint level and stirring the whole time until it’s all mixed together. If it’s too hot when you add the milk then it will curdle slightly – in fact some people recommend leaving the mix until it’s completely cool to ensure that the milk won’t curdle so you might want to do that just to be on the safe side. I’ve always found a ten minute cool to be enough but I wouldn’t want your milk jelly to be ruined before you start. 😉

Pour your milk jelly mix into whatever moulds or bowls you’re using and pop them in the fridge to set. I poured my mix into 4 small fancy jelly moulds and they took about about an hour and a half to set.

I was planning to go all posh and buy a few strawberries to go on the top but the jellies were polished off long before I made it to the shop!

So there you go, how to make milk jelly just like my nan used to make. Now all I have to do is figure out how she made her yummy split pea and lentil soup with dumplings and I’ll be happy 😉

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Popular Q&A

How do you mix a formula using carnation evaporate milk for babies

I have 3 children and I have never done it but a nurse at my job says its all she ever used and she has 3 healthy teenage sons. You just mix equal parts sterile water with the carnation milk, for a great , inexpensive formula.

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