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Improved stirrup quality and reliability: everything for a safe ride

These stirrups are manufactured with an outstanding combination of functionality and aesthetics. The safety stirrups are patented. Made of highly durable aluminum, high quality and scratch resistant.

Perfect structure of the stirrup

The magnetic safety stirrups are equipped with an innovative magnetic mechanism located at the base, which allows the side of the english safety stirrups to open if necessary, so that the foot does not get stuck in the stirrup in the event of a rider falling. After opening, the movable part automatically returns to its original position. The movable part is attached to the protector and attaches to a ring that does not allow it to move during operation, but allows it to open when the load level is exceeded.

Don't worry if you lose your stirrup

The hole for the restraints is made in such a way that if the rider loses the stirrup, it will remain in such a position that it will be easy to catch. Also, these best safety stirrups are balanced so that if the stirrup is lost, it will flap slightly against the horse's side (compared to other similar stirrups). The magnetic stirrups for horse riding do not collect dirt at the base of the stirrups and they also remain effective even in wet weather conditions.

No special harnesses

The equestrian stirrups do not need special leather harnesses and can be used with standard harnesses. To avoid damage to the equipment, the back of the stirrup base has been rounded and all protrusions have been smoothed out. The stirrups are manufactured under the control of radiography with special certificates, and also undergo tests on special devices. Although the screws are securely fastened, it is recommended that customers check their position before using the stirrups.

Image by Pezibear from Pixabay

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