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Banana Pudding recipe without condensed milk

banana pudding ingredientsMy teen loves banana pudding, and so do I, but I don’t always have the time to cook it or clean up the mess afterwards. One day while in the grocery searching for banana pudding I had this idea so I threw it together while no one was taching and it was a hit! My son came home, saw the banana pudding in the fridge and asked me if the banana pudding had enough time to set up. Little did he know, this pudding was already set up before I even started preparing his banana pudding!

This is SO simple, I used banana pudding cups and my son loved it, but I prefer vanilla pudding myself. Since I love this desert way too much, it is much safer – calorie wise – for me to use banana pudding cups so that I won’t eat it. This recipe will make two layers, so don’t use a container that is too big. The container that you see above is 6 inches X 6 inches.

banana pudding layer oneLAYERS:

Toss in Nilla wafers to cover the bottom of your container.

Use 2 pudding cups for the second layer.

Slice up a banana and use half the banana over the pudding.

Cover the banana layer with Cool Whip.

Repeat the steps with more Nilla wafers, your last 2 pudding cups, the rest of your banana and cover with Cool Whip.

For the very top, I crumbled Nilla wafers on top.

This recipe is so quick, that slicing your banana will be the task that takes you the most time. If you can whip this up when no one is around and then dispose of your trash, no one will ever know about your “shortcut.”

Here it is, banana pudding in the fridge to suprise Travis when he gets home from school. One box of Nilla wafers and one tub of Cool Whip will make 2 dessert bowls of this size (6 in. X 6 in.) Be sure to pick up two of the pudding cup 4 packs and you’ll have enough ingredients to make this quick, mess free banana pudding.

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Is there a recipe for banana pudding without the mix.

i do not think there is because i never heard of pudding without mix.But i don't think there can be a way but it can be posible.

Can I get an easy recipe for banana nut bread WITHOUT buttermilk or sour milk

3 1/4 C flour 2 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp salt 4 eggs 2 1/3 C sugar 1 C oil 3 C bananas 1/4 C milk 2 tsp vanilla

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